[Part 15] Champions Ballad DLC! Master Mode Breath of the Wild

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Video Description: Upload on March 23, 2019 Uploaded by: YourPalRoss Title : [Part 15] Champions Ballad DLC! Master Mode Breath of the Wild This YouTube Video is all about You can support me by - Superchat I get 70% YouTube takes 30% Donate through https://streamlabs.com/yourpalross, I get 100% In the near Future Streams will be moving to Twitch You can find me at https://streamlabs.com/yourpalross, The Twitch Channel YourPalRoss is a fake Breathe of the Wild Playlist - https://streamlabs.com/yourpalross, Breath of the Wild - https://streamlabs.com/yourpalross, ○Chat Rules○ -Please keep chat related to the game or on Topic. -Please do not repeat the same message repeatedly, I'm sorry if I do miss it, but that's spam. -Be respectful to the streamer, mods and other viewers. -Do not post Sexist, Racist, or Hateful comments. -Do not spoil games being streamed it ruins it for I and other viewers. -Do not ask for shout outs Check me out on Social Media! ○Twitter - https://streamlabs.com/yourpalross, ○Instagram - https://streamlabs.com/yourpalross,

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