KDA - POP/STARS (English Version) by Pastelle & Reflekshun ft. BriCie, Takara & Peskywren!

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Video Description: Upload on December 21, 2018 Uploaded by: Pastelle Title : KDA - POP/STARS (English Version) by Pastelle & Reflekshun ft. BriCie, Takara & Peskywren! This YouTube Video is all about OMG IT'S FINALLY HEEEERE!! WE WORKED SO HARD ON THIS! I can't believe only 3-4 weeks ago this was just a thought in my head. I couldn't have done this without my best friends and producers Reflekshun and Xenen, as well as the amazing vocalists who featured on this track (BriCie, Takara and Peskywren, I love you). And thank you so much to LydianMelody for featuring on the song, your guitar playing is wonderful! BIG HUGS to @ItsMoofie (https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) for making our beautiful pop group artwork!! We made this English version completely from scratch, working our way from the instrumental upwards. I hope you enjoy it, we had a blast making it. It'll be on streaming apps very soon! Let me know what you think in the comments! ➧ SUPPORT ON PATREON: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) 🎮 PLAY OUR VERSION ON BEAT SABER!! Video: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) Download: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) ➧ GET TO KNOW ME! :) https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) For any business inquiries, please email [email protected]! ➧ GET TO KNOW REFLEKSHUN! :) https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) 🎤 VOCALISTS: Pastelle: Me! BriCie: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) Takara: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) Peskywren: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) 🎸 GUITAR: LydianMelody: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) ➧ CREDITS Original Song: POP/STARS - K/DA Instrumental Remake: Reflekshun & Xenen (https://twitter.com/itsmoofie) Mix & Master: Reflekshun Vocalists: Pastelle, BriCie, Takara, Peskywren Guitar: LydianMelody Artwork: https://twitter.com/itsmoofie)

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