If league of legends Champions had Facebook #73 (KDA Girls)

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Video Description: Upload on October 23, 2018 Uploaded by: enugaming Title : If league of legends Champions had Facebook #73 (KDA Girls) This YouTube Video is all about Episode 73 of Season 2 KDA Girls Thumbnail: http://www.lol-wallpapers.com/artwork/sexy-kda-ahri-evelynn/ If league of legends champions had facebook are short and funny video series about league of legends champions having facebook. In this videos I use some stories that are based on champion lore or league lore and on some other videos I use stories that aren't based on champion lore or league lore, as my main purpose of making you laugh and having a good time while watching my videos. My Discord Server: http://www.lol-wallpapers.com/artwork/sexy-kda-ahri-evelynn/ Season 1: http://www.lol-wallpapers.com/artwork/sexy-kda-ahri-evelynn/ Season 2: http://www.lol-wallpapers.com/artwork/sexy-kda-ahri-evelynn/ Feel free to email me: [email protected] Don't forget to like and share Thank you ^_^ #leagueoflegends #KDAskins #KDAEvelynn #KDAAhri league of legends funny videos

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