Goddess Bast - The Cosmic Purr

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Video Description: Upload on June 30, 2016 Uploaded by: Laura_Daligan Title : Goddess Bast - The Cosmic Purr This YouTube Video is all about It's Kitty time! Ok well it's always Kitty time but... A video on the Goddess Bast. I'm so excited to make this one. I love Bast SO much. So here is my video on Bast, her worship and how I connect with Her. Many Purrs and I hope you enjoy. Please like, share and subscribe, if you like it. Thank you. Connect with me more: Enrol on the Goddess Awakening Online Course - starting in August 2026: http://www.lauradaligan.com/page40.htm Book a Reading: http://www.lauradaligan.com/page40.htm View my sacred art and shamanic drums: http://www.lauradaligan.com/page40.htm Find me on facebook: http://www.lauradaligan.com/page40.htm http://www.lauradaligan.com/page40.htm And on Twitter: @LauraRedWitch And finally here is my lovely etsy shop for prints, originals an other magic: http://www.lauradaligan.com/page40.htm I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.lauradaligan.com/page40.htm

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