Free Plugin | SphereDelay by W.A. Production

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Video Description: Upload on May 4, 2019 Uploaded by: Plugin_Boutique Title : Free Plugin | SphereDelay by W.A. Production This YouTube Video is all about Get SphereDelay Free here | Check out W.A. Productions | Check out Plugin Deals | SphereDelay Overview Video | Sample Pack Used | How to claim your FREE copy of W.A Production SphereDelay Hey, what’s up everybody. Joshua Casper back at you with Plugin Boutique and I have another giveaway for you! That’s right, fresh off the heels of our Regroover Essentials giveaway, we’ve teamed up with our good friends at W.A. Production to get anyone who makes any purchase on our site during the entire month of May a free copy of their unique SphereDelay plugin! So, in this video, I’m going to give you a quick walk-through of what SphereDelay has to offer you for your productions. It’s all coming up, so let’s get into it. Ok. Before we get into SphereDelay, a couple things. First, if you like these sorts of giveaways and deals, now is a good time to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell notification to stay up-to-date on when these things happen, because they do happen often and they’re not to be missed! Second, I’ve already done a more in-depth walk-through of SphereDelay on the channel, so if you want more info, click the links in the video’s description! Third, Let’s have a listen before we talk specs? Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s run through SphereDelay. SphereDelay is an innovative Multimode Delay Effect VST Plugin. It is separated into three color-coded sections and the signal path goes from the top to the bottom. At the top there is a Variable State Filter with High-Pass, Low-Pass, and Band-Pass styles which are stereo linked and self-oscillating. You can control of the Cutoff Frequency and the resonance peak with the Emphasis control. You can also add Saturation to the delayed signal. There is also the ability to modulate the filter cutoff and delay time using an Envelope Follower and/or an LFO. In the middle section you will find the 4 Delay Modes – Mono, Stereo, Ping-Pong and Ping-Pong Separate. Each mode can have the delay time free or synced to the DAW’s BPM. At the bottom is where things get creative with delay time modulation parameters. Envelope Time Modulation, Feedback, and LFO Time Modulation. And, if all that wasn’t enough, you can also reverse the delayed signal with a single click of a button. If you are looking for an easy to use, great sounding delay with the capability to deliver standard delay lines to incredibly creative and unique results, then SphereDelay is the plugin for you and you can get it right now, for the entire month of May, for free with any purchase from Plugin Click the link in the video’s description to find out more. I’m Joshua Casper, I hope you learned some thing and I’ll see you in the next video. #FreeVST #FreePlugin #SphereDelay

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